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We’re delighted to sponsor GB fencer

Updated: May 19, 2022

We’re very excited to be sponsoring 17 year old silver medallist Phoebe Newton-Hughes with daily disposable contact lenses.

Phoebe was advised by her coach, Adam Blight, to be assessed by sports vision specialist Alex Gage with a view to improving her fencing performance by optimising her sports vision.

Alex, who is one of only a few optometrists to hold a diploma in sports vision, said: “A typical eye exam doesn’t test every single vision skill; sports vision testing is more extensive. This is because it evaluates how you use your vision while moving around and interacting with other objects and players.”

Phoebe, who started fencing aged 10 and was first selected to fence for England aged 12, is delighted with the difference the sports vision assessment has made and is grateful for the sponsorship: “Fencing is an expensive sport, so Alex’s contribution in terms of his expertise and help with my contact lenses is extremely valuable.”

Coach Adam Blight is equally delighted: “I saw immediate improvements in Phoebe’s use of the blade. I really think more fencers should look into this, it really is a neglected part of our sport.”

Phoebe fences at Salle Kiss Fencing Club in Bury and does strength and conditioning training at Martin Gallyer’s Sports Gym.

Phoebe is pictured with Alex Gage.


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