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Correct your vision overnight


At Alex Gage we are one of only a few independent optometrists to offer the revolutionary treatment for myopia, or short sightedness. This is a great way for children and sportsmen and sportswomen to have natural good vision.

While you may never have heard of the science of Orthokeratology or Ortho-k before, it has been around since the 1960s and has recently been perfected so you can now enjoy freedom from daytime contact lenses or glasses simply and without the need for surgery.

Ortho-k night time contact lens that acts like a dental brace and gently reshapes your eyes whilst you sleep. For short-sighted people, this clinically proven treatment is guaranteed to give you AT LEAST 24 hours natural vision. Made from a BOSTON XO2 a high oxygen permeable material from Bausch and Lomb, they are FDA approved and safe to sleep in. This new generation of gas-permeable lens works by allowing oxygen to permeate your eyes overnight. This encourages gentle movement of the cells between the contact lens and the cornea and creates a temporary new structure to the eye that means that you can read without glasses for 24 hours or more.

Latest ongoing research from America indicates that overnight vision correction lenses can slow or even halt the development of short-sightedness in children. The “SMART” Study is the largest of its kind and is following more than 250 children over a five-year period. The second year results have just been released and are extremely promising. The control group, wearing conventional soft contact lenses, saw an overall rate of increase in their prescription over the two year period of almost one full dioptre (equal to 3-4 lines on an eye test chart). However in those wearing the ortho-k lenses there was no clinically significant increase in their myopia. There was also no evidence of any differential outcome between overnight and conventional contact lenses from a health and safety perspective. Click here for the full story.

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