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Varilux X Series

Experience total visual freedom

See near, far and everything in between

Varifocal lenses are the perfect solution for helping you to see clearly at different distances; near, far and everything in between. Varifocal lenses offer sharp vision with just one pair of lenses, whether you’re driving, using your phone or reading.

Previous varifocal lenses required wearers to point their noses in the direction they would like to see. Varilux X series lenses dramatically reduce the need for this unnecessary head movement. You no longer have to struggle to find the sweet spot of the lenses to see clearly. With Varilux X series, you can see through any part of the lenses and experience enhanced vision. Varilux lenses are made by Essilor, the number one in spectacle lenses worldwide.

What are the benefits of Varilux X?

Benefits of Varilux X Series Lenses

At Alex Gage Optometrist we use Essilor to supply the majority of our spectacle lenses.

Essilor Frame Lenses

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