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BCLA consumer information & guidance

British Contact Lens Association

Whether you’re interested in starting to wear contact lenses, or want to know more about the latest research and developments in contact lens products, the British Contact Lens Association (BCLA) website is your first port of call for independent guidance.

The BCLA is the UK’s leading supplier of information and education on contact lenses and the anterior eye. Our mission is to be the leading resource gateway for the contact lens community; and to educate, interact and promote growth within the field of contact lenses and related areas. We have some 2,000 members around the world working in all areas of contact lens practice – as well as in research and academia.

Your BCLA contact lens practitioner can provide you with more information on what contact lenses can do for you, and the best lens type to suit your individual needs. Use our ‘Find a contact lens practitioner‘ tool below to locate your nearest BCLA member practitioner.

Consumers’ guide to contact lenses

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Topics covered include:

  • Benefits of contact lenses

  • Finding a contact lens practitioner

  • Types of contact lenses

  • Contact lenses and lifestyle

  • Silicone hydrogel lenses

  • Daily disposable soft lenses

  • Wearing contact lenses overnight

  • Astigmatism and contact lenses

  • Bifocal and multifocal contact lenses

  • Contact lenses and sport

  • Contact lenses for children and teens

  • Orthokeratology

  • Cosmetic contact lenses (coloured and special effects)

  • Contact lenses and keratoconus

  • Aftercare for contact lens wearers

  • Do’s and don’ts of contact lens wear

  • Contact lens solutions

  • Infection and contact lenses

  • Acanthamoeba and contact lenses

  • Contact lenses versus refractive surgery

  • Regulations on contact lens fitting and supply

  • Facts and stats on the UK contact lens market

  • What’s new in contact lenses?

  • Welding and contact lenses

Top consumer FAQs about contact lenses

The BCLA has compiled the following consumer FAQs. Read the answers to the following questions and many more by clicking here.

  • Am I likely to lose a contact lens?

  • Am I too old for contact lenses?

  • Am I too young for contact lenses?

  • Are all contact lens solutions the same?

  • Are all contact lenses the same?

  • Are contact lenses comfortable to wear?

  • Can contact lenses protect my eyes against the sun?

  • Can I re-use my daily disposable lenses if they are still comfortable?

  • Can I store my contact lenses in water?

  • Can I use any solution with my contact lenses?

  • Can I wear any type of eye make-up with my contact lenses?

  • Can I wear my contact lenses for swimming?

  • Can I wear my monthly lenses for more than a month?

  • How can I tell if my soft contact lenses are inside out?

  • How do I go about getting contact lenses?

  • How should I choose a contact lens practitioner?

  • I have dry eyes. Can I wear contact lenses?

  • I normally wear multifocal glasses. Can I get multifocal contact lenses?

  • I’ve heard about lenses that are worn during sleep and not during the day. What are these?

  • I’ve heard that you can buy ‘circle lenses’ on the internet to make your eyes look bigger. Are they safe?

  • My optician told me I have astigmatism. Can I wear contact lenses?

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