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Thank you, Mrs C for your fabulous feedback!

Updated: May 19, 2022

As well as providing frames and lenses from the world’s leading suppliers, we pride ourselves on making time for each and  every customer and giving them exceptional customer service and a great Alex Gage experience.

As in independent optometrist with just two practices, we pride ourselves on offering customers quality spectacles and contact lenses dispensed by a team who care.

An example of this was brought to our attention recently by team member, Sadie, pictured. Sadie joined us on work experience from school in 2016 and is now an Eyewear Specialist who looks after reception, dispenses glasses and does contact lens teaches.

When Sadie dispensed a pair of our lovely new See2sea glasses, she noticed that there was a flaw on the frame and immediately ordered a new pair for the lady. “Mrs. C really appreciated our service and said these are the best glasses yet, she wanted to give me a hug she loved them that much!” said Sadie.

Sadie used her knowledge and experience to recommended varifocal lenses in a thinner material than Mrs. C had before to give her the best finish with a transitions lens this time, which Mrs. C loves.

As the owners of the practice, it makes us proud and proves that, if we make the time to get to know our patients, we really can use our expertise to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Alex and Sarah


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