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US study finds that short-sighted children do better with contact lenses

Updated: May 19, 2022

Contact lens

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I’ve just read an interesting American study that concludes that short-sighted children do better with contact lenses than glasses.

The Adolescent and Child Health Initiative to Encourage Vision Empowerment (ACHIEVE) Study was undertaken by the Ohio State University College of Optometry and is the largest randomized trial of its kind. Conducted amongst 484 children over a three year period, it concluded that myopic children younger than 12 years of age report better vision-related quality of life when they are fitted with contact lenses than when they wear glasses.

I think that this is really encouraging news. Several studies have shown that children under 12 are capable of wearing and caring for contact lenses, but the benefits have never been quantified. Based on my own experience, those children who choose to wear contact lenses benefit from an improved vision-related quality of life in terms of vision correction, appearance and ease of use when doing sport, but it’s reassuring to have it validated by an independent study of this magnitude.

Some parents don’t consider contact lenses for their children. Others think they are too young or ask how old they have to be. I answer it is not a number, but how sensible or mature they are. They have to want to wear lenses, be able to look after them lenses and be responsible.

To find out whether contact lenses are suitable for your child, simply make an appointment to see me at 857 Chesterfield Road, Woodseats by calling 0114 274 8582 or 4 Crookes Road, Broomhill on 0114 266 7066.

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