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Sheffield optometrist helps local canoeist makes waves in the competitive ranks

Updated: May 20, 2022

An independent optometrist has come to the aid of a young sports star thanks to his expertise in a new innovative contact lens technology.

Alex Gage, a family optometrist who owns two practices in Woodseats and Crosspool in Sheffield, was the port of call for Daisy Pound, a 16-year-old canoeist from Fulwood, hoping to rise higher in the competitive rankings.

Daisy Pound

As one of just four opticians in the north of England who specialises in Orthokeratology, also known as Overnight Vision Correction (OVC®), Alex was able to measure and fit the iGO lenses to Daisy’s eyes.

The iGO contact lenses are worn at night to correct vision while the person is asleep. When the lenses are removed in the morning, users are able to see with natural vision for at least 24 hours.

Alex Gage, who gained a diploma in Sports Vision in 2005, said he likes to keep up to date with the latest technology in correcting vision.

“Daisy was wearing soft contact lenses when she came to me in April, but while she was getting better at canoeing, she was losing her contact lenses when competing and the chance of losing them will become even greater as she rises through the ranks and competes in rougher water.

“She had a normal eye exam with us and within a week of being fitted up, she was seeing perfectly.

“I know that, in sport, even the smallest improvement can make a difference, and it has in Daisy’s case.  In addition, because she is still under 18, the lenses will prevent her eyes getting worse.”

Daisy, who has been competing for just 20 months, was promoted to Division 1 from Division 2 soon after she started using the iGO OVC® lenses.

Her mum, Isabelle Pound, said Daisy would have struggled to take the sport to the level she has without the lenses.

“Mr Gage immediately had a clear grasp of Daisy’s issues, the time scales for competitions and subsequent sporting promotions.

“The service has been spot on and he even came in on his day off to ensure she had the lenses in time for her race.

“She has already recommended the iGO lenses to a friend!”

Daisy has been enjoying great success in Division 1 this year, and promotion into the Premier Division is looking increasingly likely.

Jennifer Golden, co-founder and director of iGO OVC®, said: “In addition to helping Daisy in her sporting success, Overnight Vision Correction has a further very important benefit as it will halt the progression of her myopia (short-sightedness). This is especially important for teens and children as this is when myopia development is at is most aggressive.

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