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Here’s some advice for hayfever sufferers

Updated: May 19, 2022

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Hayfever can be of particular nuisance to contact lens and glasses wearers who may develop itchy, sore and red eyes as pollen counts rise.

According to the charity Allergy UK, nearly 18 million people in the UK suffered with hay-fever last year.

Alex Gage, who owns two practices in Woodseats and Crosspool in Sheffield, said although typical symptoms of hay-fever include runny eyes, noses and itchy eyes, each person reacts differently.

‘Glasses can help as a barrier to pollen, including sunglasses for those who do not need spectacles’, Alex said

‘Contact lens wearers can consider daily lenses if they know when their worst season is as daily lenses have the advantage of being fresh and clean of any pollen each morning. There is an increasing number of prescriptions available in contact lenses, including ones for astigmatism, so it’s worth asking again if you have been told no in the past.’

Hay-fever can arise when the nasal passage ways become inflamed due to an allergic reaction. Pollen is the main allergen of hay-fever, which is produced during the warmer months of the year, normally from late spring to the end of summer.


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