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Free eye, ear and dental guides for children with learning disabilities

Updated: May 19, 2022

We recently received this email from the team at SeeAbility and we wanted to share it with you..

“Dear Alex

Eye care for children with a learning disability or autism

We believe that everyone with a learning disability, autism or both should be receiving regular eye care. All children can get free eye care from the NHS and, when they are needed, glasses.

SeeAbility has worked with NHS England, Contact and the National Deaf Children’s Society to produce a series of 3 guides for families on eye checks, hearing checks and dental checks for children with a learning disability, autism or both. The guides explain why these health checks are important, how they are done, how to access them and how to prepare and support your child.

We are delighted that in response to our pioneering eye care work, NHS England has committed in their long term plan to providing a fully funded eye care and glasses service to all special school students in the familiar environment of their special school.

This new service will ensure that children in special schools are receiving eye care and glasses, which will help them to maximise their vision and independence.

In our previous eye care mailer, we shared that NHS England have produced a series of 3 films for special school staff, parents/carers and clinicians to explain more about the new special schools eye care services. To find out more about accessing or providing the NHS Special School Eye Care Service, contact NHS England at

Thank you to the National Lottery Community Fund (legally called the Big Lottery Fund), National Lottery players for supporting our eye care work.”


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