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Daily Mail article about overnight contact lenses

Updated: May 19, 2022

We are pleased to be able to offer clients the ortho-K lenses that are mentioned in this Daily Mail article on Sunday 29-11-15.

Special contact lenses that change the curve in the eye when they are worn overnight can improve eye-sight

  1. Latest research shows contact lenses could be used ‘like braces’ to correct children’s eyesight

  2. Results hailed as a ‘major breakthrough’ were published in academic journal the Advances in Ophthalmology And Visual Systems

  3. Could change the way short sightedness is treated in children 

  4. Lenses do not improve eyesight permanently, and are already worn by adults

The latest trial results showed that special contact lenses designed to reshape the eye’s curvature could be used like ‘braces’ to slow the development of short sightedness in children.

Findings published in published in the Advances in Ophthalmology And Visual Systems journal show that the lenses, which should be warn overnight, reshape the curve in the eye while the wearer sleeps. Click here to read the trial results in full.

Vision correcting lenses are already available for adults as it has been proved that sight is improved the day after wearing lenses.

Called Orthokeratology or ortho-K, the rigid gas permeable contact lenses work by altering the shape of the cornea to reduce or correct low to moderate levels of myopia (short sight), according to the British Contact lens Association.

Experts believe that the findings are a major breakthrough and could change the way short sightedness is treated.

Eye expert at Birmingham’s Aston University Professor James Wolffsohn is part of the team that is setting up the UK’s first myopia eye clinic to be dedicated to the technique.

The trials were run over three years in 10 centres across the US on 282 children aged eight to 14, although research has not concluded whether the effects will last if the children stop wearing the lenses.

Take a look at the Overnight Vision Correction page on our website for more information and to find out whether you are suitable for this ground breaking eye treatment.


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