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Sheffield Optometrist extends services with Dry Eye treatment

Updated: May 20, 2022

Alex Gage, who owns practices in Crosspool and Woodseats estimates that he is seeing 10% more patients with Dry Eye than this time last year.  Alex explains what the condition is; “If you have Dry Eye, your eyes may not be making enough tears, the tears that are being produced are of poor quality or that the tears that are produced evaporate away or just spill over onto your cheek; all of which can cause a gritty, burning sensation and can also disturb vision.”

Dry Eye can be caused by a wide variety of everyday factors including ageing, pollution, dry environments, hormonal changes and computer use and is easily treated with simple lifestyle changes, drops or a revolutionary eye bag.

Alex continued; “I’m sure that the increase of Dry Eye patients is a function of increased computer use, dry environments and an ageing population.  The College of Optometrists estimates that 17- 30% of people will experience Dry Eye at some point.  In many cases patients’ symptoms can be relieved simply by altering the external influences above. Environmental factors can be helped by making simple changes, for example avoidance of dehydrating environments such as air conditioning, and protecting the eye from dehydrating influences such as a cold wind by wearing spectacles or sunglasses may also help.”

Alex has undertaken special Dry Eye training to be able to conduct assessments to identify and treat Dry Eye at either of his practices.

For more information about Alex Gage’s other services, including Behavioural Optometry and Sports Vision, or to book an appointment, please contact Alex at 857 Chesterfield Road, Woodseats on 0114 274 8582 or at 48 Sandygate Road Crosspool on 0114 266 7066.

You can see a selection of videos about Dry Eye by visiting Alex Gage’s You Tube page here.


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