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False economy in more ways than one?

Updated: May 19, 2022


College of Optometrists that appeared in the Daily Telegraph recently;

One in four pairs of prescription glasses bought online could be putting people at risk of driving illegally or falling over, eye experts have warned.

A study on the quality of glasses sold in the UK, funded by the College of Optometrists, has warned people going online in search of a cheaper deal that they may be more exposed to dangers caused by poor vision. Of 154 pairs bought online, 43 (27%) were found to be unacceptable when tested, while a further 9% were deemed unsafe. In store only 10% were deemed unacceptable and 3% unsafe.

A range of problems were detected including poor fit, international safety standards for refractive correction being breached and incorrect measurements between people’s eyes (PD). When people order in store an optician measures their PD using specialist equipment. But when glasses are purchased online, the measure is usually supplier by the customer.

Elderly people who wear glasses with bifocal and varifocal lenses, which let them view longer and shorter distances within one lens, should avoid buying them online as they require careful fitting.

It’s always better to visit an optometrist who knows your vision history and needs. Please call Woodseats on  0114 274 8582 or Crosspool on 0114 266 7066 to make an appointment – we look forward to seeing you.


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