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Congratulations, Crosspool Juniors Under 12s

Updated: May 19, 2022

We are proud to support sport in the community and were delighted to receive this update from Crosspool Juniors under 12s…

“The Crosspool Juniors boys under 12 teams would like to thank its black training jacket sponsors Alex Gage family optometrist and match shirt sponsors Blue Wealth capital.

This season has been a really encouraging one. The red team are flew high in their league right from the start and were promoted, finishing third and enjoyed an excellent cup run, getting to the semi finals under the guidance of coach Edward Baker. The green team won their league. To celebrate at the end of the season some of the boys played a mini tournament at Hillsborough, home of Sheffield Wednesday and played in a tournament up in Skegness, where they came third and won the fair play award which was presented to them by England legend Kevin Keegan.

The boys are really happy in their kit that the sponsors have helped with, but are also thankful to all the adults for coming to watch them and encourage them along. They also help with tuckshops, which help keep the team pay for referees and other things they might need. The boys play at Crosspool Juniors main ‘Myers Grove hub’ up in Stannington, which the club are developing to provide for as many as its teams as possible, gradually. Next season the boys go up to 11 a-side football and work on a slightly bigger pitch for them and some other of the clubs teams will begin shortly. Exciting times!”

Matthew Franklin

For more information about Crosspool Juniors, who field both boys and girls teams, click here.


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