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Cohen & Azerley

Updated: May 19, 2022

Azerley and Support Dogs will be featured on Channel 4 throughout Crufts (March 10-13) and the winner is decided by a public vote. So we wondered if you kindly vote for us and share? There is a video about their story here and to vote for them you have to text AZ to 82727.

Text costs £1 and the money goes to the Kennel Club Charity fund which supports charities like ours. I have also attached a poster incase you have a staff area where it could go up. At Alex Gage Optometrist we think support dogs do great things and try to raise money to help them. If you feel moved to do so please consider voting for Azerley or share this post with your friends and gvive them the opportunity to.

Thanks for all your help Alex


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