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Varilux S Series

Available from Alex Gage Family Optometrist

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Varilux S Series


Lens Compromise

Thanks to two exclusive technologies, Essilor overcomes the varifocal lens compromise between fields of vision and swim effect. Wearers benefit from ultimate vision due to three revolutionary advances in optics and the knowledge of wearer physiology.

nanoptix 02 TM

Nanoptix entirely reengineers the fundamental structure of both lenses to reduce swim effect. As both base curve and power impact the beam deviation, their combination is optimised for each element. Swim effect is reduced by up to 90%.

synchroneyes TM01Synchroneyes takes into account the physiological differences between the two eyes to ensure maximised fields of vision. Each lens optimisation integrates the differences between the right and left prescription as well as the distance between pupils. Binocular fields of vision are up to 50% wider.

4d technology1The exclusive 4D technology takes the dominant eye into account in the lens calculations to ensure instant visual reaction for the wearer. Varilux S Series are manufactured using S Digital Surfacing, which ensures a much more accurate blocking of the lens.

Patient Benefits

You will experience wide angle vision, more visual stability when moving and reflex vision.

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