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We all rely on our eyes, and good eyesight in almost every aspect of our daily lives.

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Yet many of us don’t have our eyes examined at regular intervals and many of us have never had an eye examination! Unlike teeth, eyes don’t normally let us know when something is wrong.

Because sight deterioration can be very gradual many people genuinely don’t realise they need help. That’s why regular eye examinations are vital.

You should have an eye examination every two years as an adult and every year if you are under 16 or over 70 and it will take about 25 minutes. During this time we will

Discuss your needs – covering any problems you may be having, for how long and how any changes to your vision have taken place.

Review your medical history – both visual and other medical history.

Examine your eyes – both internally and externally to establish the general health of your eyes and identify any underlying problems.

Assess your vision – measurements will be taken when you are not wearing any spectacles or contact lenses to establish if any vision correction is required.

Measure your eye movement and co-ordination – to ensure your eyes are working together.

Discuss your lifestyle – additional information regarding your work and leisure activities will help us to make an accurate assessment of your needs.

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