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Booking Online FAQs

Some Helpful Tips

A screen-shot showing the "Appointment Types" menu on the Alex Gage online appointments booking service (screen-shot)
If you are unsure of the “Appointment Type” to choose, please refer to the detailed explanations on this FAQs page for help.

We are working on simplifying our booking system but some things are out of our control.

We are unable to provide sensible appointment type names, but here is an explanation of what the short versions mean.

If you have any further questions about booking an appointment online, please do contact us

Types of Appointments

  • CL Check & Eye exam:
  • Contact lens check and eye examination in one appointment for those who are due both, which is usually every other year, but can be every year for patients with certain conditions
  • CL Checkup:
  • This is just the contact lens check for those who are not due an eye examination. Contact lens check-ups can be every 6 months but need to happen at least every 12 months for us to able to provide more contact lenses
  • NHS Exam Adult:
  • Anyone 60 or over is entitled to an NHS eye exam paid for by the NHS, we recommend you have either the OCT at Woodseats or Optomap at Crosspool to help examine the retina more thoroughly
    • There is an extra cost for this procedure currently £25 *
  • NHS Exam Child Child:
  • Anyone under 16 is entitled to an eye exam paid for by the NHS. Also anyone 16, 17 or 18 in full time education is entitled
    • No charge
  • PVT Exam Adult:
  • This is a Private Eye Examination without the digital retinal scans mentioned in the Comprehensive exam
    • £30 *

*Prices as at January 2017


We recommend you select “any” as Alex, Sarah and Jenny work on specific days at each practice so your date and time options will be significantly reduced if you specify an individual optometrist.

Appointment Date & Time

When you have selected a specific date the times will then show you what is available. The diary is live so the times options will reduce nearer the date requested.


Please use the comments box to let us know if you want an earlier appointment if one becomes available. Also you can mention any specific reason for the appointment.

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